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This is the most anti-religious Christian game I've ever played, lol. I love it.

The main thing I hate about this game is that you literally need shields to play. There are certain parts of the game where there's nowhere on the screen where you won't get hit, so if you miss/lose your shield you will die no matter what. Not only that, but none of the yellow shields would pick up for me. It'd make the same sound effect as if I had picked it up while I already had a shield on, but it wouldn't do anything or protect me against anything. It didn't even change the colour of my block. The gameplay was okay and mildly entertaining, and I probably would have played more and given you a three or a four if it wasn't for the impossibility factor at certain points in the game. The block is somewhat difficult to control but that didn't bother me, it just made it more of a challenge, which is good.

The only two problems I have with this game is that it doesn't save it, so you have to start all over if you leave the page. The other issue is towards the end, it's impossible to win. I think I got to 29 or 30, and because of the enemy mages all of my spells but the wind one were blocked, and that's not enough to hold off the horde of enemies that come charging through. Make it so that there are less mages to get rid of but maybe more ogres or something and it'll at least be possible to beat.

Frederik77 responds:

Thanks for your review. Both problems are solved, because the game autosaves your progress and achievements when you log in to GamerSafe, and the difficulty has been adjusted so people don't get stuck on level 29 any longer.

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I absolutely love this. You should really do more songs like this one and Necro :3 (Note: I've only listened to 3 or 4 songs a long time ago, then I got distracted with stuff til I was thinking about your music and started listening to a ton tonight, so if there are a lot more then I guess just keep making them, haha). In any case, your voice is beautiful and I love your music so much ^^

Congratulations, you've just made me and probably a million others want to fuck dead people :D

The most beautiful gibberish I've ever heard :)

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I'd recommend working on the ass a bit more. It looks like it should be, I can't really think of the word I'm looking for, but sucking/clenching on the beads, if you know what I mean. Like when a real person uses anal beads, their asshole clamps down around them, then stretches when they pull each one out. I get that she's stretching her asshole with her fingers in your picture, but it still looks kind of, fake, I guess, and just not quite right. Other than that, it's a pretty solid piece, I like it.

DotExecutables responds:

I'll take that into consideration in the future pieces. Thanks!

The dick looks like it should be a bit wider at the base. It looks more like an engorged clit, which is fine and technically that is what a penis is (with added tubing), but it just looks strange, like it's going to fall off and that it's not well connected to her body. I think that widening it a bit will help make it look less awkward and help to blend it into her body.

Holy shit this is fantastic. You've improved a lot since your earlier works.

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